Real Estate Investment Consulting


We manage a wide range of real estate properties, and aim to deliver best-in-class personalized consulting services to clients. If you seek for opportunities on the occasion of asset formation phase in your business? We support clients by providing vast knowledge combined with our disciplined investment approach, both before and after implementation.

High profitability

There is an increasingly number of population in Tokyo city which receives high values for having stable high rent rates and is a suitable environment to conduct property investment. For the same reason, we will assist our clients to decrease inevitable costs of maintenance fee, and renovation fee in order to stabilize the prospective financial benefits.

Country risk

Although Japan is known as an island country, it has a low level of country risk. From the political aspect, there is no historical backgrounds that any military conflict occurred by acute changes generated in political circumstances or in regime. Moreover, Japan’s GDP is ranked 3rd which significantly indicates Japan as being one of the countries with great economic power. The citizens regardless of nationalities will protect property right; in fact, there is not legal limit on real estate property possession.


The property value in Tokyo, Japan has been on a raise for over 20 years. Tokyo will host ‘2020 Olympic games,’ which will be the first time in 56 years. There is an urban development in Tokyo, expecting completion by 2020 with a great positive effect on property value. Our investment professionals predicts that there will be continuation in property value rise after Olympic game which will also raise in rental market value as a whole.

Japanese Yen devaluation

Yen is the major currency as to U.S. Dollars and Euro currencies. With its tendencies of the lowering exchange rate of Japanese Yen, all forex observers would find it very valuable as being easily reachable in comparison with other currencies. Please feel free to contact our English-fluent staff, if you would like to find more information about Japanese Yen.